Traffic Changes

Message from the Developer:

Signs will be placed on the intersections of San Marcos Dr. and Las Vegas Dr. that state “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” / “Trafico Cruzado No Se Detiene”.

This means that San Marcos Dr. and Las Vegas Dr. will now travel north and south without any stops, throughout all communities. Traffic is still required to travel 25 mph because these roads are still considered private roads and neighborhood roads.

The speed limit signs have been ordered and will be installed at a later date. Please be mindful of the 25 mph speed limit and watch out for children in our community.

Community Announcement – 2nd Full-time Patrol Officer Hired

We are pleased to announce that our communities now have TWO full-time patrol officers. Deputy Oscar Martinez is our new, full-time patrol officer working with Deputy Ivan Gonzalez. If you attended the Neighborhood Watch meeting in October, you were able to meet Deputy Oscar Martinez. Houston El Norte POA Board of Directors voted to add the second patrol officer. Our Board of Directors consists of John Harris, Olga Summers, Deyanira Palacios, Silvia Aguilar, Robin Lane, Tedra Ortega and Trey Harris.

Until Deputy Oscar Martinez could begin on October 25th, we had 40 hours of extra patrol completed throughout a ten (10) day period in order to address daytime robbery issues that have occurred.

Crime Prevention: If you are interested in joining the Neighborhood Watch Committee for your Neighborhood, our next quarterly meetings will be:

Thursday, January 11th at 6:30 pm – Montebello Park
Friday, January 12th at 6:30 pm – Bella Vista Park

Non-Emergency Numbers to Report Suspicious Activity:
Sheriff Office Dispatch: (936) 336-4500 ext “0”
Deputy Ivan Gonzalez (936) 202-9439 – or – Deputy Oscar Martinez (936) 203-2733

TIPS: If you were burglarized and do not file charges against the person who robbed you, there is a big chance this person who burglarized you will do the same to other neighbors. A robber was caught by patrol officers on duty but no charges were filed by the victim. As people are moving into a new community and acting as their own builder, constructions materials and tools should not be left in the open or unattended. Protect your investment. Lock and secure your home, belongings and cars. Purchase a hunting camera (<$60.00 on Amazon). For Security Systems that require internet, AT&T is still working in part of Grand San Jacinto and Camino Real. AT&T was unresponsive for some time and has not replied with a completion date. It is our understanding the previous project manager is no longer working on the project and someone new is now handling the project. If the cable was installed in front of your property, then service should be available for phone and internet: